About site

Hello everyone 🙂
My name is Mike Farnam.
I am a very outgoing, fun-loving guy who loves to spend time in the casinos. He lives in Brampton, Ontario and I go to one of the casinos almost every night to try my luck at the gaming tables and slot machines.

But it’s not just the excitement that draws me to the casinos. I enjoy socializing with other players and casino staff, joking around and making fun of everyone around me.

I am known for my communication skills and my ability to lift the spirits of any company 🙂 I am willing to share my gaming strategies and help beginners in the casinos.

In my free time away from the casino, I enjoy walking around town, attending concerts and events. I also enjoy traveling, visiting different cities and countries.

But despite all my hobbies, the casino is still my favorite place to feel the energy and excitement, and to enjoy meeting interesting people.