In a discipline like gymnastics, you have to take advantage 100% of the activities you do in each training, because the demand is so great, that at the time of the routine, everything you have practiced will be reflected.

At Gymnastics Camp we are aware of this, so we bring you 5 tips to apply to your life and perform much better day by day in your respective discipline. Your preparation is one of our objectives!

-1 Perform basic exercises at home: We recommend that you practice the basic positions of gymnastics at home, since, as its name suggests, these are the bases of all routine. Therefore, make a space in your room, room, basement or your favorite place and execute these actions. So you’ll learn faster and be the surprise in every training.

-2 When in doubt, ask: No one else has the information of what is happening to you, of what you doubt, so we recommend that you do not keep those questions and make them to the people of trust, who see your evolution, as your coach or coach, who are there to help you and give you all the tips possible to make you better day by day.

-3 Your parents, a fundamental axis in your progress: Trust to tell your father and mother everything you practice, what you do in your training, what you have learned. They are the ones who will motivate you the most in your path and that you better tell them about your passion, as they will share it together.

-4 Learn more about gymnastics, interesting in it: We give you the advice not to stay with what you learn in training, try to search for information in blogs like Gymnastics Camp or videos on Youtube, where you will find good tips to evolve in your career.

-5 Take care, lead a healthy life: Try to eat well, sleep properly and take care of your body, all this in favor of leading a healthy life. Have fun when you practice, despite the demands of gymnastics, the more positive energy you have, the better for you to do the exercises and you can have successful routines.

And now that you have these tips, apply them to your daily life, to your routines and you will see how you will evolve in your performance in gymnastics.

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