From Gymnastics Camp we unveil 5 original and essential plans to enjoy in Madrid designed especially for our boys and girls gymnasts and their families. Don’t miss out! 

1.- Visit the High Performance Centre (CAR): located at the Faculty of Activity and Sports Sciences of the Polytechnic University of Madrid, on Calle Martín Fierro. There, the high-performance athletes from many Olympic sports disciplines, among them, the most renowned gymnasts in the country, are trained and prepared. You can visit the facilities, the training modules of High Performance, also being able to witness some training sessions. Mandatory stop for our gymnasts!

2.- Madrid tour: one of the most important capitals of the world opens its streets to tourists and seeks to captivate with its energy. If we talk about Madrid we should mention the infinity of interesting activities that are offered outdoors both day and night. Madrid inspires love. But be careful, you may not want to go home anymore!

3.- Club Tour: in addition to being a city that you can fall in love with, Madrid has a wide variety of gymnastics clubs. Spend time getting to know a couple or more of the 75 clubs in the Community that have everything you need to become your new training home. It will be an unforgettable tour!

4.- Mundo Cristal: this iconic store specialized in rhythmic equipment, located at the number 20 of Consenso street, is another mandatory stop for any gymnast in Madrid. It offers all kinds of material for an amateur or professional gymnast and also has professionals trained to advise you on what you need. Don’t hesitate, you’ll find what you need!

5.- Gymnastics Camp: we close this list with the star summer plan for the gymnasts of Madrid and all corners of the world. Gymnastics Camp, official campus of the Royal Spanish Federation of Gymnastics that offers the opportunity to live a training experience at the highest level to discover and share the values of gymnastics. We have the structure, tools and professionals necessary to enhance your skills while you make new friends from different parts of the world, learn values and enjoy unique activities. Without a doubt, the closure you expected for your summer. Sign up and check it out yourself on our website!