Summer is coming, a season full of joy and fun for all boys and girls. The pool, the beach, walks with friends, etc. They are healthy activities that enrich the little ones.

Also, summer campuses are the ideal alternative, which include all these healthy activities, so that children live unforgettable experiences, learn to know themselves and exploit new skills that they did not know.

From Gymnastics Camp we share some of the benefits, physical and mental, acquired by all our participants on our summer campus:

  • Eliminate labels and stereotypes: A child can be known as a scholar and calm when, in fact, it can be noisy in another environment. When they meet another group of people in a different environment they have the opportunity to leave their categorization, that’s why on campus we carry out activities that encourage the breaking of stereotypes.
  • Developing social skills: Being part of a campus means joining an unknown group of people where children should know, cooperate and respect each other. This environment helps develop teamwork and helps children learn to trust themselves and others.
  • Stimulate the mind and physical activity: In addition to developing cognitive and emotional learning by being exposed to experiencing, facing and controlling various emotions in an unknown scenario, Campuses often disguise physical activity in the form of games and fun, allowing them to adopt a healthy lifestyle without even realizing it.
  • They help to acquire personal autonomy: Living outside the home with other people helps to mature the little ones, as it stimulates their sense of responsibility. It gives them the opportunity to make decisions and discover even more about themselves in the process.
  • Promote human values: During each activity that is done, day by day, the monitors seek to transmit values such as leadership, self-control, teamwork, effort and respect to others, teaching that not only talent is important.

Not only will the children return from the camp with greater independence and a greater sense of identity, but they will also have developed new skills, made new friends and created memories that they will treasure forever.

Summer campuses are very healthy and enriching and their benefits can last throughout adolescence.

In Gymnastics Camp we have different modalities that are adapted to the needs of each participant and their families.

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