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Spring is here and Gymnastics Camp 2021 is getting closer!

Want to know how to benefit from this promotion? Read on!


The promoter and responsible for the personal data file of Spring Promotion Gymnastics Camp 2021 is the team of Campus and Sports Events S.A. with CIF A-86756988, based in Calle Guzmán el Bueno, 100, 28003, Madrid.

All natural persons over 16 years of age or individuals over 18 years of age representing minors may participate. 

The mere participation in this Promotion implies the acceptance of the present conditions, so the manifestation in the sense of non-acceptance of all or part of them implies the exclusion of the participant and as a consequence of it, Gymnastics Camp shall be released from any obligation towards such participant.

Neither Instagram, Twitter nor Facebook sponsor, endorse, nor administer this promotion nor are associated with it.


The Spring 2021 Promotion will be active from 00:01h on April 6th, 2021 until 23:59h on April 18th, 2021.


To participate and benefit from the present Promotion, users must formalize their registration to Gymnastics Camp 2021 in our system by applying the code SPRING and make the payment to the account indicated within the established deadlines (before 23:59h on April 18th 2021).

If after 5 working days from the end of the promotion (until 23:59h on April 23th 2021) the deposit of the reservation of place (minimum 30% of the total amount of the registration) by credit/debit card through our payment gateway has not been made it will be understood that the user does not accept the present conditions and will lose immediately any acquired right of this Promotion.

*Not cumulative with other existing promotions or discounts.

The draw of this promotion will be done exclusively among the participants who, respecting the indicated deadline, conditions and the application of the promotion code (detailed below), register to Gymnastics Camp for the edition starting on July 25th, 2021 in Madrid. It is not applicable to other editions or venues of Gymnastics Camp 2021.

The winner is chosen randomly using the app “Échaloasuerte”.  In the case that the winner does not want the prize, or he/she cannot be contacted in the 10 days following the first intent, a new winner will be announced. Then, the first winner will lose the right to claim the prize. 


The prizes offered by GYMNASTICS CAMP are:

A) Draw of 1 t-shirt of the RFEG signed by the national team among the participants of Rhythmic Gymnastics Camp who register respecting the conditions, indicated deadline and the application of the code SPRING of this promotion.

B) Draw of 1 t-shirt signed by the national team among the participants of Artistic Gymnastics Camp who sign up respecting the conditions, deadline indicated and the application of the code SPRING of this promotion.


Knowing the winners’ identity, GYMNASTICS CAMP team will contact them and publish the winners’ name on @Gymnasticscampus. By accepting these legal bases, participants allow GYMNASTICS CAMP to publish their name (or Instagram username) on Instagram. People who wish to participate in the contest, may check the requirements of the program offered, in order to see if the profile is adequate to integrate the campus. 

Once the promotion is finished and the gifts assigned, the Gymnastics Camp team will manage the delivery of the gift, the first day of the Campus to which they have registered for summer 2021. In the event that the participant doesn’t finally attend Gymnastics Camp 2021, the organization will NOT be responsible for sending the gift corresponding to this promotion. The participant (or his/her legal representative) must manage the collection of such sport material and coordinate with the organization.


In case of any doubt or if some clarification or additional information is necessary, the recipients of the Promotion can contact  Gymnastics Camp through its Customer Service, through the email or calling at +34 910 228 520,  where we will attend any request and/or clarification related to the present Spring Promotion 2021.