Gymnastics is one of the most beautiful and demanding sports that exist. Hours and hours of training, countless falls and a spirit of constant improvement, are the necessary requirements for this high-flying exercise.

The chronicle of this sport is full of great athletes who have had, at least once, in the Olympic Games, in which they managed to leave no one indifferent with their representations. From the Gymnastics Camp, we highlight the following Spanish elite athletes who have made history:

  • Sandra Aguilar: runner-up in the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, two-time world champion of 10 clubs and 4th in the London 2012 Olympic Games with the Spanish team. This exceptional gymnast will change the bronze with her team in Stuttgart in 2015, which will become the first medal won by Spain in a World Championship since the late 90’s. The silver won by Sandra in the 2016 Olympic Games was the first Olympic medal for this discipline since Atlanta 1996. She currently works as a coach within the Royal Spanish Gymnastics Federation.
  • Isaac Botella: Spanish gymnast who competed in the discipline of artistic gymnastics. In 2004 he was 6th on the ground in the test of the Paris World Cup and the following year he was 6th in the American Cup jump and in October and 4th in rings. In 2006, he was 5th in the jump in the World Cup in Lyon, 6th in the ground and in rings and bronze in the jump in the World Cup in Ghent, and 6th in rings and 8th in the jump in the World Cup in Moscow. In 2007 he get silver medal on the ground and in foal jumping in the World Cup test in Maribor (Salamunov Memorial), and in May of the same year he was 6th in rings and in the jump in Ghent. Like Sandra, he also works as coach in the Royal Spanish Gymnastics Federation.
  • Carolina Pascual: the ex-Spanish artistic gymnast came to get the silver in the 1992 Barcelona Olympics with only 16 years. Since then and until she was retire won other medals and awards such as, for example, the Silver in Maces of the Alicante World Championship or the bronze by teams in the Athens World Championship. It was also distinguished with the Gold Medal of the Valencian Generalitat for Sports Merit.
  • Rafael Martínez Barrena: one of the most recognized artistic gymnasts in the discipline. He was European champion in general competition (2005) being the first Spanish gymnast who achieved it after Joaquín Blume, and on the ground (2007). That same year he was 4th in the general of the Melbourne World Cup. He participated in the 2004 Athens Olympic Games, leaving 5th in the complete individual competition and 10th in teams. After his extensive and notorious journey, the “Rafa Martínez Sports Center” in Móstoles was baptized in his honor.
  • Almudena Cid: she is the only rhythmic gymnast who has participated in four Olympic finals. He began his career in the Atlanta games in 1996, through Sydney 2000, Athens 2004 and Beijing 2008, in which she had two diplomas. But if that wasn’t enough, Almudena holds the gold in the Mediterranean Games of Almeria in 2005, where she also won several official international medals and won 8 titles of champion of Spain in the general competition of the honor category.

Ambition and illusion are one of the sensations that make a dream a reality. These five elite athletes have managed to make history and inspire a lot of girls and boys to take the path of gymnastics as a sport, to make it their dream. Gymnastics camp, wants to spread that passion for gymnastics to all the girls and boys who come to our facilities every summer.

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