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Rhythmic gymnastics is back to surpass all expectations another year. 

Last sunday, 26th of July, Hotel Amura opened its doors to greet Gymnastics Camp 2020. Rhythmic gymnastics intern campus started with more than 40 participants.  This intern 2020 edition is between the 26th July to August the 1st, and extern modality is from 27th to the 31st of July. 

Because of this exceptional situation, all activities and groups are adapted to limit physical contacts between all our children. 

In order to guarantee the security of all our participants and employees, everyday a hygienic-sanitary protocol takes place, taking kids temperature, imposing obligatory mask use for everyone excluding punctual moments like trainings or physical activities; and finally social distancing in every activity realized. 

As well, a constant hand washing of our participants and employees is implemented, and disinfection of all spaces and material before and after every activity is made, in order to prevent any possible contagion. 

In addition to these measures, intern and extern campus participants are doing a serological antibodies test in order to prevent any future contagion. 

This summer, sports facilities of this campus are in Autonoma University of Madrid. We have a high level sports hall with all necessary facilities to practice gymnastics. As well, we do have a high level residence with for our intern campus, with a modern style, elegants and a maximum comfort rooms,  in Amura Hotel.

This year, we have two olympics rhythmic gymnastics professionals as coaches: Nuria Cabanillas, Loreto Achaerandio and Dagmara Brown. Both had a huge professional career in this discipline, and led trainings as the experts they are. 

As every year, Gymnastics Camp program has been divided into playful-formative activities, trainings, pool activities and sports seminars; promoting individual and group values. 

Definitely, it has been a unique experience, where all our participants could made unforgettable friendships, and learn in the funniest way.