Gymnastics has been listed as one of the most complete sport we have. Not only there are physical benefits, but also psychological ones for all boys and girls.

Even though it is a demanding activity, rhythmic and artistic gymnastics suits for all children. They are considered as a fundamental sport to develop children’s basics skills and abilities.

From Gymnastics Camp, we want to show the health benefits for all kids that both disciplines are offering:

·  Improves your self-esteem: as you are constantly working to overcome yourself, rhythmic and artistic gymnastic improves yourself confidence.

·  Improves your flexibility physical condition: through some different trainings and movements requiring a lot of flexibility, it is a sport where you work a lot of force, power, and taking your flexibility to the limit.

·  Improves your concentration: both disciplines require to follow a specific planification. In order to do so, concentration is a determining variable because it let you improve your movements, keep your balance, and to overcome oneself.

·  Favorize emotional stability: gymnastics instill some emotional control skills, that can be used in your day by day. It allows forging an emotional stability when under pressure. For example, both disciplines work anxiety and stress control when competition arrives.

·  Reduce stress: as any sport, it is a way to escape from daily life. It is a demanding activity, with the objective to have a great time. Both disciplines favor endorphins liberation, or better called “happiness hormones”, leading gymnasts to a better mood.

From an early age, both rhythmic and artistic gymnastics has a lot of benefits for all children. “All those improvements in body performance make children that practice this sport to improve their confidence, their self-esteem, and their oneself security” confirms Carlos Molano, doctor specialist in sports traumatology, in an interview given to Salud al día – Canal Sur TV.

In Gymnastics Camp, our main mission is to make our participants discover and interiorize all those benefits, in order to apply them in their daily life and therefore having a healthy lifestyle.

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