Physical activity involves numerous health benefits, improves shape and strength, regulates blood pressure, reduces the risk of disease, strengthens bones, among others. Also, the practice of this sport involves improvements in mental health, boosts memory, learning, reduces stress and increases self-esteem. From Gymnastics Camp, we point out that one of the main benefits of rhythmic and artistic gymnastics is the improvement in body posture, due to the variety of different exercises in these disciplines.

There is one aspect that society generally doesn’t pay enough attention to, the health of the back and body postures. Caring for this facet is fundamental and basic to having a good body health, as it can trigger other problems, in addition to discomfort and headaches. Sport also helps to improve posture, as long as the exercises are performed correctly.

At Gymnastics Camp the work of body posture is crucial within our programs with the aim of being able to perform all the exercises required in artistic and rhythmic gymnastics. In addition, the campus has expert specialists in numerous areas, the participants have the attention of the best physiotherapists who offer guidelines to the youngest to take care of their posture, facing the competitions and their lives. Here are some of the benefits gymnastics brings to body posture:

  • Muscle development: doing physical activity, always following the guidelines of an expert and performing exercises correctly, involves the development and strengthening of muscles. Therefore, the exercises will be performed correctly, bearing the weight of the body, thus avoiding future injuries.
  • Flexibility: both rhythmic and artistic gymnastics are two disciplines that are based on the flexibility of the body, something that is worked out every day and that is indispensable to be able to carry out all the required exercises. Thanks to flexibility, we become aware of the body together and work with it in its entirety.
  • Back discipline: thanks to gymnastics the area of the spine is strengthened, the body is trained to correct the posture of the shoulders and the curvatures of the back. It allows to correct all the postural errors that we acquire over time.

All these activities must always be carried out with the help of professionals, as an error can cause a lifelong injury. With discipline and constancy in these exercises we can acquire a correct body posture and more, at an early age. In this way, we will avoid future damage. Gymnasts should be aware of the importance of the back and body posture for their workouts and competitions. On our summer campuses we offer tools to young people to correct their body postures and serve them for life.

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