Gymnastics is a fun and accessible sport for children of all ages to enjoy both physical and psychological benefits. It helps reduce stress, develop better coordination, motor skills, balance, strength, agility and flexibility.

At Gymnastics Camp we teach children through rhythmic and artistic gymnastics to learn important social skills such as following instructions, listening, taking turns, being more independent, respecting others and getting along with their teammates.

We also want to share some of the benefits that the youngest in our community get for reducing stress and relaxing:

  • Increase concentration: Doing gymnastics moves requires a great deal of concentration to succeed. Maintaining balance over a biga or handling a balloon in the air requires being aware of your body, thoughts and emotions, to maintain control.
  • Develop self-confidence: gymnastics is a sport that consists of mastering challenging skills, so children develop confidence as they improve. It also helps you learn that hard work and practice pay off, improving your self-esteem and making children more relaxed and comfortable.
  • Helps overcome fears: gymnastics can be used as a tool for children to address their concerns, as it involves movements and equipment that can be very intimidating when they’re first tested, But then they realize how far all their capabilities can go.
  • Short-term goals: Many children’s stress is caused by feelings of insecurity and lack of confidence to achieve their goals. At Gymnastics Camp they learn skills at their own pace and receive positive reinforcement for every success they achieve, even if the recognition is only for effort.

Rhythmic and artistic gymnastics, from an early age, aim for children to learn to practice good habits that will serve them for life. Teaching children how to manage stress from the beginning can translate into valuable skills as they grow up and serve as a relaxation method.

At Gymnastics Camp, we train children comprehensively through sport, as caring for our physical and mental health is essential to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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