Rhythmic gymnastics is one of the sports that requires greater discipline and constancy, as well as excellent physical fitness and high performance. One of the most valued aspects in this sport is the practice and use of all the muscles of the body when performing an exercise and that is continuous and correct. Therefore, if the use of various devices is added to this aspect, its difficulty increases. Among the most difficult to handle devices we find the rhythmic gymnastics clubs due to the need to control their turns, throws and displacements. It is also one of the most important devices when designing a display routine.

The clubs are composed of:

-Body: the ball that is at the end of the club and serves to facilitate its grip.

-Head of the mace: top of the clubs

-The neck: it is the thinnest part of the mace and the one that defines its length

With this information we understand the role played by the clubs in each presentation and, therefore, we must always keep them shiny and eye-catching. In addition to, of course, being comfortable enough to be able to guarantee that they will be an ally and not another factor to worry about at the time of the routine. Having said all this, do you know how to decorate your clubs for more comfort and to make them yours?

Practicality is more important than extravagance, so it is more important that they are comfortable for your domain. Once comfort is achieved, we can start designing the clubs in accordance with the colours of our competition jersey, as the combination of both elements supposes a visual harmony that the judges admire. We also have to give them a touch of their own that differentiates them from the other clubs, always respecting the practicality to avoid hindering the display routine.