Rhythmic and artistic gymnastics: a sport full of values that helps to create healthy routines

Vacations are over and kids are back to school! All children could take a break from daily routine, rest and enjoy a hot summer full of new experiences. 

With the arrival of new routines, extra scholar activities begin. Among them, rhythmic and artistic gymnastics are a modality that let those who practice it, have benefits beyond physical ones. As well, gymnastics helps to acquire healthy habits that will make it easier to come back to routine and to school. 

From Gymnastics Camp, we want to tell you how rhythmic and artistic gymnastics helps to make more easy to come back to school among kids: 

  • Helps to acquire a healthy routine: it favors an emotional and physical state of health. It increases energy and the interest in all everyday activities of the gymnast, thanks to all the discipline taught. Also, it allows both mental and physical balance. 
  • Develops social abilities: it increases self-esteem by making movements or actions that the gymnast taught it was impossible to make. As well, gymnastics increases the capacity to express themselves, and to give an opinion more easily because it is a collective sport too.   
  • Let canalice stress and favorize concentration: gymnastics let evacuate our bodies stress, and clear our minds. As an abstract of a scientific study made in Colorado, United States; shows that aerobic physical activities releases endorphins called “hormones of happiness”. These endorphins bring wellbeing and a feeling of satisfaction to the sportsman. 
  • Decreases fatigue sensation: physical effort made by gymnastic increases the level of energy of athletes. It decreases, as well, the sensation of fatigue on daily routine. 
  • Achieve self-improvement: gymnastics brings the desire to always overcome oneself, and reach all objectives. This led to an increase in the interest in reaching the best result possible in each daily activity.  
  • Promote emotions: through specific movements and special material use; these modalities generate and let transmit emotions of each child who practice it. Also, it favors emotion management, leading to a better emotional balance. 

Kids could recover energy, rest and disconnect from school daily routine during vacations. Coming back to school can be hard for the little ones. That is why we believe that rhythmic and artistic gymnastics is a good option to make this return to daily routine. 

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