Sport, in general, is considered a valuable training tool from the earliest ages, its importance in society and what influences through its values, is essential for the development of children.

The education of the little ones is developed through the practice of a sports discipline, although their first training already comes from home, where the influence of fathers and mothers in the lives of minors is very present. They are their first example in life and, therefore, the importance of a home-based education favors the sports training process.

From Gymnastics Camp, we identify the role of parents in the lives of gymnasts. Read on and discover all the details!

Support at home: the little gymnasts need parental support; see that their fathers and mothers accompany them from the first moment. Not only in training, but showing interest in gymnastics, for its development and career; in short, feeling supported.

Active communication: following the line of showing interest, asking how they have been, what they have learned, what friendships they have forged, not only shows interest but also creates important bonds of trust in the parent-child relationship.

Respect Spaces: A parent always wants the best for their little gymnast, however, it is important to respect their practice space. When training, they need to focus and follow the advice of their coaches and discipline professionals. They are your greatest sports support.

Positive messages: it is important to allow each athlete to live the experience, accompany them, but without making value judgments that can make them feel bad.

The role of the parents is fundamental in the formation of the little gymnast! Discipline such as gymnastics helps teach and transmit essential values, however, this does not work if it does not go hand in hand with what they learn at home. It is essential to understand the role that parents play and how much they can impact the future of their little ones.