In sports you train and you seek to improve every day with one goal: success in competition; the experience where gymnasts put their physical and mental capacity to the test.

The competition is the summit event in which you show everything you have worked and learned during the training hours. It is the moment to face fears, an emotion that invades both the oldest and the youngest and, therefore, from Gymnastics Camp, we tell you how to face this moment in the best possible way. Do not miss them!

Learn to breathe: it is key to have good air circulation at the time of the routine; It will help the gymnast to have adequate oxygenation for the functioning of his muscles and mind.
Managing calm and concentration: visualizing the routine and becoming familiar with the objects makes it clear to athletes how the routine starts, develops and ends.
Think positive, in the “I can do it“: attracting negative thoughts is not an option. Encouraging yourself positively stimulates the brain and helps you better cope with competition.
Be constant with training: discipline is an essential factor for gymnasts, perseverance implies commitment and responsibility. Likewise, it contributes to the construction of confidence. If a routine is properly trained, success is more assured.

In the gymnastics discipline not only works to train your physical part, it´s key, too, to work the mind. It is normal for fear to be present in the head of an athlete, but it is important to understand that a competition is not only based on winning or losing. The competition goes further! As you compete, you build self-esteem, pressure management, and confidence.

Balance in gymnastics is the key to overcoming fear! Physical, technical and mental work provide a fundamental balance to compete in the best way and turn that experience into something unique in life.