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Warm-up: phases and exercises.

Every good gymnast must fulfill with a progressive and complete warm-up prior to the practice or competition that pursues the following objectives:

– Optimise the performance of the athlete
– Increase the body temperature
– Facilitate movements at the technical level
– Increase the speed of muscle contraction
– Boost neuromuscular coordination
– Decrease the risk of injury
– Promote mental and psychological disposition.

At Gymnastics Camp, we give great importance to warming up before each training. The warm-up is composed of 3 main stages: 

1.- Generic introductory exercises involving large muscle groups.
– Running in different variants, jumping exercises with/without displacement, dorsal exercises and abs.

2.- Systematic stretching and mobility exercises
– Joint mobility: mobility of shoulders, neck, hip, ankles and spine and flexo-extensions.
– Flexibility and active and passive stretch exercises.

3.-  High intensity technical preparation movements.
– Physical preparation or toning: strength and control exercises.
– Technical exercises for empowerment.

In rhythmic and artistic gymnastics the warm-up usually lasts between 30 and 40 minutes as this is an activity that requires great technical preparation. It must be adapted to the level and performance of each gymnast and must be progressive. From Gymnastics Camp we encourage all of you to respect and fulfill the warm-up, and once you finish, keep on training!