Rhythmic gymnastics is a discipline that not only consists in performing exercises related to flexibility, it is an art that combines body expression and dance. It is characterized by elegance, speed and, at the same time, the risk run by those who practice it by performing exercises that sometimes seem impossible.

One of the elements that is necessary to highlight in this discipline is music, all the exercises that are performed, whether individual or together, are developed around a musical base, to achieve this it is necessary that there is a coordination between the rhythm of the music chosen and the movements of each exercise.

From the beginning of the preparation, in Gymnastic Camp, we carried out a process of internalization of technical and choreographic concepts, this second being the fundamental pillar in the training of athletes. Therefore, in the training of a gym it is essential that they incorporate knowledge of dance and ballet, especially in the first years of training. In this way, it is possible to establish the choreographic bases and then translate them into the tapestry next to the sports exercises.

But, in order to learn these choreographies, it is necessary to understand the music, starting by listening to it. This action involves a series of mental procedures. Thanks to this, there is an approach between the motivation and the psychology of the athlete who can design the technical expression and the execution of the movement properly.

In this way, educate the students’ musical ear, interpret what the music is transmitting to them and translate it into the exercises. With the objective of being able to integrate music and movement, specific gymnasts who learn to differentiate between hear and listening, since the former refers to the entry of sound through the ear canal, while the latter involves incorporating other mental processes with in order to understand , contrast and transmit the music to a specific movement. Therefore, the task of choreographers and coaches is essential to help gymnasts develop this skill or perfect it.

Music in Rhythmic Gymnastics becomes its crucial base, through it express gymnasts with greater virtuosity, with the objective of transmitting it in the best way to the viewer through the expressiveness which the exercises have been performed.

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