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Rhythmic gymnastics is a discipline where art and technique are combined. It is a sport, like many others, where the figure of the coach is key for the gymnast to improve day by day, both sports and personally.

One of the fundamental pillars of this discipline is the coach-gymnast relationship. It could be considered asymmetric and based on a role difference (similar to that of teacher-student) that outlines status. It is vital that there is a connection between coach and gymnast, with the aim of looking for and determining alternatives and courses of action that can most likely lead to success for the gymnast.

At Gymnastics Camp, we carry out intense work to strengthen the relationship between the two, this being a fundamental pillar in the training of gymnasts. It is considered key that such a relationship is known to be managed and cared for so that everyone gets the best out of themselves. Large doses of sincerity and honesty between the two and a degree of confidence that is gradually generated based on performance are needed.

These are the qualities that must favor a great coach-gymnastic connection:

  • Understanding and empathy
  • Interest in sports and personal
  • Flexibility and attitude, depending on the situation and the person
  • Proximity and communication
  • Decision-making

Empowering and putting these qualities into practice determines:

  • The personal growth by the athlete as a result of the relationship with his/her coach, who assumes a mentoring role, taking an interest in the integral training of the gymnast.
  • Greater sports performance associated with positive relationships as a result of the commitment, motivation, enjoyment and personal well-being of both.
  • The interaction between the coach and the gymnast in the extra-sports context has a positive effect on the quality of the union.

In conclusion, the coach-gymnast relationship positively influences the results both at a sports and personal level.