Teamwork is the key to success.

In gymnastics, athletes compete in individual or team categories. Even in the individual categories, the role of the team becomes very important as the collaborative work during practice is the engine to progress and success.

Team sports have endless psychological and behavioral benefits that will have a positive impact on the adult life of any child. At Gymnastics Camp, we plan the training sessions to enhance all the benefits of this sport:

– Learn to integrate.
– Understand the importance of responsibility, collective work and the sense of commitment.
– Respect the compliance of rules.
– Encourage companionship.
– Enhance respect for the adversary.

In rhythmic and artistic gymnastics, the companionship with the rest of the teammates and with the club members, the respect for the adversary and the responsibility are the 3 aspects that tend to be mainly developed. The final result of the exercise depends on the work of each member of the team.

Gymnastics is a sport that requires a large number of hours of training and competition and, therefore, the feeling of belonging to a team or family is essential in this sport discipline. Gymnasts train, compete and live as a team and, consequently, during their sports career, they usually internalize the value of teamwork, mutual support and collective fun. Also, certain disciplines of gymnastics require a high level of coordination and synchronization between team members for the proper development of the exercise, which results in gymnasts working, moving and succeeding together.

The key to individual and collective success in gymnastics is to make all the pieces work as one.