Gift Giving is always complicated and more so on these very important dates. Today at Gymnastics Camp we share some of the gifts that can be made for little gymnasts. Needs and ages can vary, so we show you some that can then adapt to the person you are going to give.

Let us think that a gymnast has on one side her training routines, competitions, and a whole series of materials that she needs to carry them out. On the other hand, a gymnast is not only a gymnast in the tapestry, she is also a gymnast out of training, in her day to day, at school, at home…

Do we want to complete the gymnastics and accessories material? Do we want to make a sentimental gift about gymnastics? What do we want to give and who do we give?



  • Folding exercise mat: A lot of times doing the pine at home is not enough. Normally there is little space at home for them to move from one side to the other, but we can always count on a small space to place a mat and practice stretching and posturing.

    It’s a good way to be able to maintain routines during vacation periods, in summer, on a trip that you can transport and take with you your training space. 
  • Travel make-up case: After the training comes the competitions and exhibitions. Depending on your needs, it can be a good gift for a gymnast who is initiated in competitions, a vanity bag that allows you to take everything with you and be ready in each competition. The makeup, the hairstyle, tweaks on the leotard… all in one space, meant to shine on the tapestry like the star it is. 
  • Training diary: You can find several types in bookstores or on the Internet. Research and you will find the best of the training journals. As you know, at Gymnastics Camp we care about the mental health of our participants, we want to teach them to be their best version not only as gymnasts but also as people who are dedicated to a sport. 

A diary allows you to collect intimately as you feel day after day, and helps you to have space in which to vent, think about your workouts, your ability to perform, your needs…



  • Accessories with a gym theme: There are many accessories that you can find in specialized stores, gift shops or of course, in the online market. Bracelets, rings, earrings, key chains, backpacks, countless objects, jewelry and accessories in which the figure of a gymnast can appear, a phrase that motivates, a small icon that we can give as a symbol of strength. 

  • Coloring book: You can find many coloring books that do not have to be for small ages, you can also find them with greater difficulty and be able to give it to a girl between 10-11 years. It’s a nice way to deliver not just something to color but to dream about. Colors, poses… You can imagine her coloring, her exercise shining on the tapestry in a competition. This gift is an invitation to daydream. 

  • A curious gift: From Gymnastics Camp we give you a great idea that you can do from scratch and that will leave everyone with their mouth open. What else does a little gymnast do when she’s outside the gym? Are you thinking about the pine tree? That’s right! How many hours can you spend doing pine? Infinite. 


Go to a screen printing shop, choose a phrase that motivates your little one, and indicate in the store that they invert the letters vertically. When you read the T-shirt you don’t understand anything, until it does the pine and you can read the sentence perfectly. The best personalized gift for a little gymnast who never stops being upside down.

We hope that these gifts will inspire you and give you many smiles. Our little ones deserve everything and have support always adds up. At Gymnastics Camp we support all those people who are passionate about gymnastics to share this wonderful gift that is this sport.