Both disciplines allow a double jump in the education of young people.

The children are always full of desire to learn, with their energy and enthusiasm for the things they really like, even infecting them. These types of values ​​are always present in Gymnastic Camps, we not only train students to be better gymnasts, but also learn values ​​that serve for any challenge that comes along the way. In addition, during the campuses, they will be able to train side-by-side with top-level technicians and gymnasts members of the Royal Spanish Gymnastics Federation, a unique experience that will give them an extra illusion, energy and motivation to give their best. Both rhythmic and artistic gymnastics provide different types of values ​​that help train the children who practice them.

On the one hand, it should be borne in mind that, far from being a purely feminine sport, the children are encouraged to practice rhythmic gymnastics. According to data from the Gymnastics Federation, the number of male participants has grown in recent years to reach 67 of the last edition in 2019. For this reason, from the Gymnastics Camp we noticed that both types of gymnastics It not only offers physical benefits, but also allows us to promote values ​​such as:

  • Self-esteem: artistic gymnastics helps to recognize successes and overcome adversity, because if you walk the bar resists, it doesn’t mean that you don’t get it later. The satisfaction of doing an exercise that resists offers satisfaction and a sense of joy that reinforces self-confidence when faced with any type of difficulty that lies ahead.
  • Effort: rhythmic gymnastics requires a lot of elasticity, among other qualities, although this isn’t something that is achieved overnight, but a daily and constant effort is necessary to achieve the objectives. In the case of artistic gymnastics the same thing happens, since the practice of this sport helps develop the ability to sacrifice and improve young people to overcome them day by day, no matter how difficult it is to reach the goal.
  • Discipline: strict diets to achieve the exact weight with which to achieve a perfect balance. Training hours and hours to get the goal of reaching the dream championship and winning it … Both types of gymnastics are synonymous of discipline and provide commitment to their training and for whatever purpose all the girls and boys who practice.
  • Patience: both learning the movements in rhythmic and artistic gymnastics that must be obtained are complex and need their time, the gazelle isn’t achieved on the first day, it must be practiced millions of times until it starts to go well. The same goes for achieving the perfect jump and fall with asymmetric bars in artistic gymnastics. For this it is necessary to be patient and know that many attempts are necessary to achieve an objective, something that also happens in many other movements of life. The reward is often found at the end of the road, and that is why it is necessary to be patient so as not to decay and remain intentional.
  • Teamwork: to achieve the objectives it is essential to collaborate with the rest of the team members. Knowing how to join forces to go further doesn’t only give results in both types of gymnastics, but also in our day to day, in which collaborating with the partners around us makes us better.

Dreaming and having an illusion for something is one of the best feelings they can have and both rhythmic and artistic gymnastics transmit them perfectly.

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