There are several causes that cause more fatigue at the end of the summer

The arrival of summer makes children experience a change in both their daily routine and their physical condition. The high temperatures and the high physical and psychological exercise can cause discomfort in the body if is not controlled daily.

It is very important to introduce healthy habits, as well as the practice of sport to keep us active during the summer holidays, always respecting the most extreme hours of heat so as not to suffer consequences.

From Gymnastics Camp, we want to share some reasons which cause greater fatigue in children during the summer holidays.

  • Increased physical activity during this period: In summer, the physical exercise increase in children due to every day they have more hours to enjoy their free time. This is why exhaustion at the end of the day is always greater.
  • Development of new learning: In spite of the inactivity at school, children do not stop to discovering and experimenting new things due to their innate curiosity, so they spend a lot of  energy both  physically  and emotionally. Children to develop  new knowledge and behaviors, as well as skills and abilities that keep them more active throughout the day.
  • Lack of routine: The absence of habits in summer, cause a lack of stable schedules that makes children do not perform well during the holidays. The lack of control of schedules during the vacations, can cause diseases or common pathologies like anxiety or insomnia, that is why it is so important to rest and to establish schedules of sleep, meals and other activities.
  • Extra energy consumption: High temperatures cause an increase in the heart rate and metabolic rate, i.e. the amount of energy a person spends during a specific period of time, leading to increased tiredness and fatigue in the body.  

According to the AEPap, “The holidays are also an opportunity to play as a family. Moreover, play has an important role in favouring the development of children and will help us to make physical activity fun”, that is why Gymnastics Camp is an ideal option, we do full days of activities and training always respecting the strong hours of sunshine and overexertion.

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